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Wedding Guide

Welcome to our wedding guide. This will hopefully answer any questions you might have about how we operate and what you can expect from the moment you book all the way until you receive your edited media.

Our Team

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Our team of wedding photographers and videographers are experts in capturing your special day. They understand how important your photos and videos are to you and your family. We take pride in delivering exceptional service and creating beautiful memories for you and your guests. We work with all local professionals that have been trained by us and have similar equipment. Once you book with us we will receive a questionnaire that will help us pair you with the perfect person from our team. If for some reason you do not like your team (which never happens), we will find someone to replace them who better matches you. 

Our Style

The style of our videos and photos is very important to us. We want to capture the essence of the event and make sure that the final product looks like no other. Many of our shots are candid/photo-journalistic which catches the raw essence of your special day. Nobody does this better than our team.

To Get Booked

A non-refundable retainer of 50% of the total package price is required to reserve your wedding date (we can work with you on payments if you need that help). This is done via email invoice that can be paid with a credit, debit card, or bank transfer.


By booking that date we are reserving it for you, and consequently, we will turn down other brides that inquire about that date after you’ve booked. For this reason, this deposit is non-refundable. Booking is not considered complete until the deposit has been paid. 

Final payment for services is due no later than a week of the wedding and will be sent to you via email. Feel free to pay anytime before the wedding date. Any additional charges will be confirmed with you prior to invoicing.




Timeless Weddings can provide event insurance at request. We carry a $2,000,000 liability policy for all weddings shot by our team. Simply ask us if you need a certificate for your venue. 

Music Selection

We want this to be YOUR video, so we allow you to choose the music yourselves! Copyright laws are very strict regarding using music in wedding videos, so we have websites that you can choose from especially if you want to share your video online. You don’t need to download anything, just let us know the name of the song and we will make sure it ends up in your video! :) If you cannot find the songs you like we can work with you to figure that out and get what you want.

Day Of Your Wedding

We will show up around 20-30 minutes early to get set up and greet you before we get started unless otherwise planned beforehand. Then we will set up our equipment and start taking photos and video as planned and will also be using the shot list as a guideline to ensure we get everything you want. If for any reason your venue goes longer than expected and we run out of the allotted time you booked with us don't worry! We will stay longer if necessary to ensure you get every shot that you wanted. Keep in mind that extra time will be billed to you at $200/hr per team member that stays over the booked time. Just let us know that way we don't start packing up when you want us to stay longer. Communication is key to everyone's happiness in this process.


We do ask that you take care of our team as they will be working very hard to capture every timeless moment. If you book more than 5 hours with us we ask that you either provide a meal for us or plan a 30-minute break for us to go grab something to eat. We never want our team to go hungry and they will do a better job with a full stomach anyways!



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After your wedding, our team will hand-select the best photos and video clips and then carefully craft your final media. Usually, this takes around 30 days to complete. During the peak season this could take a bit longer but we usually can expedite them if you need them right away.

After Delivery

Once we deliver your files to you which will be via Google Drive as well as Google Photos and Youtube, you can download them for safekeeping. We do not ever plan to delete your files but we recommend that you download them anyway just to be sure that they are safe with you. 

Sharing Stuff

We absolutely love getting tagged when you post our photos/videos so please tag us! 


Instagram: @timeless__weddings

Facebook: @timeless.weddings1


We will be happy to create a 60-second highlight video of your wedding day that will meet the Instagram length requirement as long as there aren’t any copyrighted songs, that costs $125 and can be done even after we deliver your final video.


We will also upload your video to our YouTube channel and give you a sharing link that you can use to post on Facebook in case the songs you chose are copyrighted (most everything but instrumental music). 

We never include watermarks on any of our photos so you are welcome to post them wherever you’d like! 

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Raw Files


We send everyone their raw video files once the main highlight video has been edited. However, we do not normally give raw photo files for professional reasons. If this is a deal breaker for you please chat with our sale manager to discuss your options.

Travel Fees

If you have to change your date for any reason, please reach out to first and make sure that we are available on your new date. There is no fee to change the date. We cannot guarantee availability for your new date.  

If you have to cancel altogether, the initial deposit is non-refundable, but you do not have to pay the final half if services have not yet been provided. You will have to pay for services already provided (like engagement or bridal photos).

Most of the time we do not charge a travel fee. If your venue is going to be more than 30 miles outside the largest metro area there may be some travel charges. We charge .50 per mile outside of the 30-mile radius to cover our gas and time. If you are concerned about this please mention it to your sales person before booking.

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